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My name is Charlie; I write and teach English in Chicago.

I am available for hire as an Educational Consultant,
English Tutor/Teacher, Freelance Writer, Copywriter and/or Editor.

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The Mr. Danoff's Teaching Laboratory Family of Websites are developed and maintained by me and feature:

experiments in Open Educational Resources for
teachers and students of the English Language (EFL/ESL/IEP)

a course for EFL/ESL students in
conversational American English
; and

a bi-monthly print/digital zine on sophisticated topics.

This webpage you are reading now (i.e., danoff dot org) is both the website family's index
and my personal homepage highlighting my work and books.


Contributing Author & Editor of

The Peeragogy Handbook

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Co-Author of


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Author of

Keyi its 中文 4 Sucsexy

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Author of the

ENG 099 Conversational American English Textbook

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Editor of the

FUN WITH ENGLISH (FWE) 7B & 8B: Unofficial Teacher's Handbook

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Contributing Author to

Teaching English in Global Contexts


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Photo of me by the water by Alex Caron-Schuler shot in Hamatonbetsu in 2008. Republished with permission.

Photo of me and amigos dancing by Agnes Elena shot in Houston in 2011. Republished with permission.

Photo of me and a buddy at the second level of Evil Olive by Brittany Doffyn shot in Chicago in 2011. Republished with permission.

Photo of me doing a reading by Mike Joyce shot in Chicago in 2011. Republished with permission.

Photos of my shoes shot in Japan in 2009 and the mountain fruit shot in China in 2010 are by me.

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