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The danoff dot orgSM index is Charlie Danoff's homepage by me (Charlie). I drew my web avatar while teaching English in Hamatonbetsu in '09; the same year I took the self-portrait below. Mountain fruit photo photo beneath it, also named self-portrait, was taken the next year in my Anqing apartment. Underneath the photos is information about my books. Since the lovely summer of 2010 I've been living and working in Chicagoland.

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Owner of Mr. Danoff's Teaching Laboratory Oct. 2009 - Present
Editor of The Uncertainty Principle Dec. 2009 - Present
Independent Contractor Fall 1997 - Present
Co-Creator of Paragogy.net May 2011 - Present
Freelance Writer Aug. 2003 - Present
Customer Service Rep for RAM Racing Nov. 2011 - Present

self portrait on a rainy day by Charles Jeffrey Danoff


self portrait (2010)


by Charles Jeffrey Danoff

as Author

Keyi its 中文 4 Sucsexy

from Annabell's Universe™

First Print Edition
Published on Halloween, 2011

Pub Dom Ed Press

Copyright © 2011 Charles Jeffrey Danoff
Rights released with the Unlicense.

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ENG 099 Converational American English Textbook

First e-book Edition
Published on September 8, 2011

Copyright © 2011 Charles Jeffrey Danoff
Rights released with the CC0 1.0.

Read Online
Click here to read the HTML version on Paragogy.net.
Short URL: http://is.gd/ENG099textbook1

Click here to download the PDF version (1.78 MB).

as Editor

FUN WITH ENGLISH (FWE) 7B & 8B: Unofficial Teacher's Handbook

by Wikiversity
Edited by Charles Jeffrey Danoff

First Print Edition
Published in February 2011


Copyright © 2011 Wikiversity
Rights available under the CC BY-SA 3.0.

Open Library ID: OL24606597M

as Contributing Author

Teaching English in Global Contexts
(OL ID: OL24610948M)


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