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I, Charles, make danoff dot orgSM a website about me for readers, clients, students and more. My work includes freelance writing, editing The Uncertainty Principle, designing websites plus running my educational company Mr. Danoff's Teaching Laboratory. To learn more please peruse my Résumé/CV, Educational Autobiography (2010) or LinkedIn profile.

Here on the homepage I publish "Checking-In" my weekly column on what I've been doing lately plus event news, links of interest and other fun stuff!

Checking In #20

my weekly column

WINNETKA -- Highlight of the past week probably came on Monday night, as Jeffrey let me help him with his second brew day. I missed the first one, but according to him it went far more efficiently this time around. We managed not to hurt eachother or leave any serious damage to the house. Now its six to eight weeks of waiting to see how delicious his beer tastes.

Following the success of my first Korean Baseball activity, I made another one. Do you have any ideas on how I could make it better? Please, let me know. Also, read an article about basketball that got my b-ball and economics mind buzzing.

Finally, I wrote last week about how Vidal Sassoon has been an inspiration for me. Today I got to experience it first-hand as I got the "$19 model haircut" at the Sassoon Academy in Chicago! Was so cheap, because my hair was cut by a student. Total bargain though, my student had been cutting hair for 15 years and flew into Chicago just to attend this renowned week-long class. Plus, a professional Sassoon teacher was there making sure everything went perfect.

30 August 2011

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Upcoming Events

August 2011

  • On Wednesday the 31st, the Online edition of Volume II: Issue Five "Faire le mal pour le plaisir de la faire" of The Uncertainty Principle will be published. Before that you can read a copy by buying the print edition for $1.50 (in USA).

October 2011

Past Events

July 2011

  • On I gave a talk at OKCon 20111 with Joe Corneli in Berlin about Paragogy our paper on Paragogy was published in the conference proceedings. We also helped run the P2PU workshop.

April 2011

  • I exhibited my work on Collaborative Lesson Planning at The Interactive show 2011 put on by the NYC Hacker Collective.

June 2010

  • I self-published "A Caddy Story" a short-story. The first public output of my work writing fiction.


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