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Saturday, 22 October 2011 ed.

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> Taught lesson 5 of the ENG 099 Conversational American English Textbook to my students at the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago on Thursday, October 20th.

> Hosted The Uncertainty Principle Petit Soiree #3 in honor of Volum II: Issue Six "_ _ _ _" last Friday, October 14th.

> This July I gave a talk at OKCon 20111 with Joe Corneli in Berlin about Paragogy our paper on Paragogy was published in the conference proceedings.

> Updated this page with a fresh look. Hadn't been updated since August 30th.

> On Thursday, October 27th I will give a talk on Collaborative Lesson Planning at Open Education 2011 in Park City, Utah.

> On Monday, October 31st my first novella will be self-published. Stay tuned to danoff dot org for ordering information.

> Straight Prose Homey a blog with drafts of new fiction, essays and belle lettres by Charles Jeffrey Danoff will launch on December 1st.


by Charles Jeffrey Danoff

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ENG 099 Converational American English Textbook

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FUN WITH ENGLISH (FWE) 7B & 8B: Unofficial Teacher's Handbook
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Teaching English in Global Contexts
(OL ID: OL24610948M)

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Charlie Danoff, Sole Proprietor & Writer is composed of 2 divisions: Mr. Danoff's Teaching Laboratory™ and The Uncertainty Principle; an imprint: Pub Dome Ed Press; an investment portfolio (incl. co-ownership of http://paragogy.net) and Charlie's independent contracting work. Services includ English Tutoring, English Language Teaching, Freelance Writing, Educational Consulting (esp. web development), Refereeing Ice Hockey, Caddying and working operations for 5ks and related races. To keep up on developments read Charlie's weblog, Left in Front, and Charlie Sensei where he writes on education. To work with the business or to hire Charlie, please htricker@yahoo.com (htricker is Charlie's oldest active digital handle and is a play on hatrick, as in someone who gets a lot.

Charlie Danoff, Writer & Sole Proprietor is owned and operated by Charlie. Certain divisions also have staff. He has written or edited 2 books and given talks at 2 conferences in Europe. For more about him please peruse his Résumé/CV, Educational Autobiography (2010) or LinkedIn profile.


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